shit i bought and liked no. 1: the good life

HELLO SHITTERS (the most affectionate reader nickname I have ever come up with), and welcome to this newsletter! You took a gamble on this being fun and useful, and hopefully I will deliver!

Here’s the deal: We all have those things—the ones we spend years hunting down relentlessly (ex: the perfect skinny jean). The ones we stumbled upon and now have no idea how we lived without (ex: [redacted in the name of future newsletter #content]). The ones we feel the need to tell absolutely everyone about because they’re just that good. That’s the entire point of this thing. I’m gonna talk about the stuff I’m obsessed with. You’re (hopefully) gonna share some of yours. We might even have some *fun guests* jump into the mix too, who knows?

So without any further ado let’s talk about item no. 1: Maldon ($6, Amazon). Maldon is the big, flaky, delicious, SALTY salt that they put on top of cookies at fancy bakeries, or on the table in a little bowl at an open-air, all organic, Gwyneth Paltrow-approved restaurant, and it will upgrade your entire life.Right now you’re probably like, “really Priyanka, you started an entire newsletter on the premise of shopping recommendations to talk about salt?” To which I (patron of the salts), say YA BITCH, listen up. This isn’t table salt. It’s not the pink stuff you think is helping you (me) along the endless pursuit of health (Kim Kardashian’s rib-less Met Gala body). This is, for lack of better words, the good shit. And for under six bucks, you too can feel like you’re living the good life, even if you’re just reheating leftovers. I put it on eggs, I put it on baked goods (the Maldon-chocolate chip combo is truly divine), it would probably be good on steak (I don’t eat steak, but I’m picturing that salt bae man sprinkling some on medium rare strips of beef coated with chimichurri and now I’m thinking that maybe I want to eat steak?). Basically, anything that needs salt (everything) is begging for this salt. So try it, revel in how fancy you feel, and think of me, benevolent human who shared this wisdom with you, every time. While we’re on the topic, two other things to add to your spice rack:

  • Roast Veggie & Fries Spice Blend: I gave a bottle of this to my friend Rae in college and I’ve never had someone thank me for something so many times in my entire life. Cut a sweet potato into discs, spray with olive or coconut oil, season liberally, broil for 15ish mins? Voila, you’re a wizard chef, Harry.
  • Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel: Ok this is not new, but there’s a reason everyone loves it. Save a few bucks buying in-store, but if you’re not close and/or busy/lazy, the Zon’s got you.

Ok. So that’s basically how this is gonna go, except next time I’m also gonna ask you some questions, so prepare yourselves to chirp about the shit you bought and liked. Kk? Great! Lemme know what you thought of this if you feel so inclined (or don’t, totally fine). TALK SOON! 

Note: If you buy something from these affiliate links, I might make a few cents. Not trying to go to FTC jail. THX.

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