shit i bought and liked no. 5: getting high for the first time

HAPPY SUMMER, SHITTERS! If last summer was the summer of scam, let this be the summer of shit (you buy and like, preferably from this newsletter).  

Today we’re talking about sunscreen, which is not just a summer essential. All of you should be wearing this shit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That goes for my dark skin folks. Melanin does give you immunity to UV rays and WRINKLES. That goes for my guys. A gender identity and/or dick does not grant this immunity either. ALL OF YOU, ALL OVER, ALL THE TIME /fin.

But not just any sunscreen—no, no, no. Most sunscreen is toxic trash, and because you should be wearing it literally all the time, this is one of those things you should maaaaybe not want to be filled with shit that can mess with your hormones/life/perhaps most importantly, face. Body sunscreen is a whole other situation (and I am currently taking recs for one that is mildly clean but also works/comes in a spray bottle? Does that exist?), but as someone with an extremely finicky face, I feel confident that my recs for face sunscreens work, won’t break you out, and are not complete toxic waste.  

  1. Elta MD UV Sport ($24). There is a reason every derm on the planet rides for this stuff—it’s GREAT for sensitive skin. The texture is perfect, like a light moisturizer that feels hydrating, rather than sitting on top of your skin like a gross white sheen. I use it after any skincare products, and before any makeup, and usually skip any other moisturizer because it feels great on its own. (They also sell a sheer tinted version that my friend Dana has raved about for years.) Plus it’s completely non-comedogenic, which is derm-speak for YOU WILL NOT BREAK OUT. Hallefuckinglujah.
  2. Supergoop Unseen ($32). This is a cult-fave that has a different texture than any other sunscreen I’ve ever encountered. It comes out of the tube clear, and feels almost velvety when it’s on? It’s weird, but good weird, like getting high for the first time, which is a totally normal thing to say about a sunscreen. It’s hydrating, works great as a primer, and if a soft texture appeals to you over a traditional moisturizer, this is your shit.
  3. Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30 ($8). Maybe you’re new to the sunscreen game, or don’t feel like spending $30 on a tube. Fine by me, but you still need a sunscreen, and deserve one that will not fuck up your face. This is moderately clean and again, feels moisturizing. Just stick to the 30 SPF because the 55+ version is toxic as hell (per EWG).

ALSO, before we wrap it up, you guys had a few retinol recs last time. Here’s the one I’m trying:

A313 Vitamin A Pomade ($17). French people are obsessed with this, and it’s 17 dollars. Idk which part of that I’m more into, but I’M SOLD. s/o Richa!

Alright kids—that’s it for today in sun safety. HAGS and stay safe out there. xoxo

Hi @FTC and/or whoever’s reading this. These are affiliate links. If you buy something, I may make some $. That is good because I COULD USE IT OK. Grazie mille. 

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