shit i bought and liked no. 8: our shit for brains president

Shitters. It’s summer. You’re tan, you’re traveling, you’re posting hot pics on IG. And I fully support you in all these endeavors. That is why this week’s shit is travel/tan/hot pic-friendly. A godsend, I know.  When you’re traveling in certain conditions (this makes it sound like I’m talking about a trek to Siberia—I mean staying in an Airbnb, or operating on a tight schedule, or going to a remote, non Siberian location), your motivation/immediate ability to exercise can be fairly low. Obviously this is not an issue if you have no desire to work out or are on an active vaca already, but if you feel better after getting a quick sweat in, then this is for you. On my most recent trip, the group I was with started most days with a quick workout before the eat/drink/frolic in the ocean portion of the day, and honestly it was GREAT, and a real vision of what my life could be like every day, except for the part when I realized that a comfortable life is an unattainable myth for like 98% of the world and I will need to work until I die to afford my existence while BILLIONAIRES AND CORPORATIONS GET TO CHILL (hello Liz Warren, please advise).  Anyways, aside from begging you to be my Medicis and pay my Chase bill, what I’m trying to say is that working out on vaca is nice, but sometimes hard to do because of constraints on time, equipment, space, etc.  That’s why bands are the shit. I originally bought these on a recommendation from physical therapy (thank god for my very good insurance, which coupled with my aforementioned Chase bill and our shit for brains president will keep me tethered to my day job forever), but I still use them to work out all the time. Therabands ($13) are wider bands that are sold as long strips of band-y material, so you can knot them up into a loop or keep them long to add resistance to other exercises (presses, squats, etc.). Loop bands ($9) are also great if you’re mostly in this for a squat situation.  For everyone who’s like ‘cool Priyanka, I’m not a trainer, what the fuck am I supposed to do with a strip of rubber,’ here you go. There are A LOT of options—most of which can be done in a bedroom or on a deck (told you I’d help you get a tan) or wherever, and will give you a lil burn pretty fast. They take up no space (literally just stuff one in a bag pocket), and just having them on hand makes me feel slightly more motivated to squeeze in something quick without hauling myself to a gym. Speaking of a good sweat, basically everyone who responded to my request for natural deodorant recs said Schmidt’s ($8) ACTUALLY WORKS. And who are you to question the collective wisdom of the shitters? Adding to cart immediately.  

These are affiliate links because there is more shit I would like to acquire and I will need $ to do that, tyvm.

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