shit i bought and liked no. 12: take a guest shit

My sweet shitters,

When I say I have never received as many responses to an email as I did with the last “shit I bought,” I mean quite literally to any email I have ever sent in my life. Even that one I get paid to write that goes to a shitton of people. Turns out a lot of you have pets and a LOT of you have thoughts about getting them. I will compile the best of your responses when I am less pressed for time (there’s an impeachment happening! And also a Shopbop sale!), but know that I am currently writing this with my boss’s chubby lil pup curled up in my bed, so we are making progress on the pet front.

This week we’re switching it up a little with something I’ve wanted to try for a while! I asked an OG shitter to take a “guest shit,” if you will, and what follows are the results of that experiment. If you are familiar with my day job, you perhaps are familiar with him—my most successful (he told me to say this), most likely to drop a lot of $ on dumb shit (I did not tell him I was saying this) co-worker, Travis “Tug” Helwig (you’re welcome for that hyperlink, Travis). He has a lot of Emmys, dogs, and fun shit, so we trust his recommendations. 

Tug’s rec is the Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask ($40, Amazon) and I wish I had asked him to tell me a week ago because I considered getting it for a friend’s birthday, but went for CBD bath bombs instead (sorry Nikki, maybe next year). Travis is a self-dubbed “sleep mask connoisseur” (it’s in the recording Travis, don’t deny it), and this one is apparently so good that he bought two.

It’s basically a Gravity Blanket for your face, and after talking to him for approximately 2.5 minutes it went straight into my Amazon cart (in which I am accumulating things rather than doing a one-off, non-urgent order because I CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT. Hi Greta, I hope you are proud.). From Tug: “I’ve used sleep masks for years and they’re often pretty flimsy or they’re too hot. I like the pressure on my eyes a little bit [from this one]. It’s really nice to feel the heaviness, it almost brings your head down a little bit and makes you sink in.”

As someone who has been working on a better bedtime routine that includes reading books and does not require 5mg of melatonin nightly to make my brain stfu (though tbh that has aided the process immensely), I’m excited to try this. I imagine it also makes a pretty good gift for all the upcoming gift-giving holidays (100% the point of holidays, I know), so you might want to store this info away for then.

Travis’s one flag: It’s tough to travel with it in a carry on because TSA always thinks it’s a bomb. I don’t think they’ll confiscate it, but if you get to the airport approximately 5 minutes past your boarding time because you have precheck and are otherwise unbothered/invincible (me), you don’t have time for these security holdups. 

Alright, that’s it from me (and Tug, big h/t), but can you do us a solid and slide in the DM’s (or replies) with an eye cream rec? After approximately 14 months of use, I ran out of my old one (which makes me think I am maybe not using enough?), but it was entirely unremarkable. I’m realizing now that that conclusion and the 14 month per tube situation miiiight have something to do with each other, but it wasn’t a crowdsourced rec and I don’t feel great about it, so I am asking for your intel. Tell me what eye creams you like and what they work for (dark circles? puffiness? wrinkles?). In return I shall give you content. Deal? 

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These are affiliate links. Did I not mention the Shopbop sale? 

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