shit i bought and liked no. 17: the superbowl of shit

SHITTERS. I don’t even have to tell you that it’s almost Bl*ck Fr*d*y. You know, I know, we all know. I hope you’re carb-loading because this is basically the Superbowl of Shit. Some (smart) retailers have decided to get a head start on this situation, which is good because idk about you, but my spending embargoed credit card is burning a hole in my pocket rn. “Pick me! Choose me! Love me!” I hear you little guy, and your time has come. 

Today’s shit is fun, chic, useful, budget-friendly, health-conscious, extremely giftable, AND 25% off + free shipping with code OLIVE25. Only the best for my shitters!

Olive & June is a nail care brand that basically started a DryBar for mani/pedis in Los Angeles, but, more importantly, they have very cool little products that make it incredibly easy to do your nails at home (an otherwise impossible task). AND all their polishes are 7-free, meaning they don’t contain three common chemicals found in nail polishes plus four other dangerous ones (thank you, Google). 

I got what I’d like to call a company crush on them after hearing their founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, on Second Life, a phenomenal podcast about very cool women with very cool careers that I love with all my heart. I’ve been hooked on these ever since: 

  • The Poppy ($16): Talk about Shit I Bought and LOVED—this one is huge. There are three people alive who are good at doing their own nails and they are all lifestyle Instagrammers. For everyone else, there’s this oversized attachment that goes onto the tops of nail polish bottles to give you a bigger handle to hold as you paint, making your hand a bit more steady, and the whole task a LOT more doable. Truly a genius invention that works with most of the polish you already own.
  • Nail polish ($8): We are breaking into SUB BULLETS because I have so many favorites, but first—EIGHT dollars. That’s cheaper than the OPI/Essie you pick up at the drugstore! They’re all 7-free/cruelty-free/vegan and (my favorite detail) named after women who are pals with the founder. Think Eva Chen, Mandy Moore, etc. etc. Tbh, an incredible flex. These are my current go-to’s:
    • CDJ: The *perfect* dusty pink-ish nude that I could happily wear until the end of time. 
    • ECC: A chic as shit white-grey that I could also live in. O&J has at least eight nude-ish variations that are to die for.
    • GH: MILLENNIAL PINK. A perennial pedicure color for me. Would snap a pic of my toes in it right now, but I could get good money for those feet pics.
    • HJ: Shimmery navy. Perfection. Also named for the founder of Helen’s Wines, which if you’re in LA basically amounts to “say no more, fam.” 
    • SD: Toss that Lincoln Park After Dark in the trash, you will never miss it again.
  • Nail polish remover pot ($8): This right here is a sleeper hit. Most polish remover makes your nails look  miserable and smells awful, but my nails have never looked better (like, literally ever) than when they come out of this little acetone-free tub. No cotton balls necessary—just stick your nail in, wiggle it around, and voila. A clean nail that’s not dried out, doesn’t smell like toxic waste, and looks healthy in a “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a fuckton of biotin” way. Seriously. Get this thing. 

Protips: If you’re sold on replacing the polishes in your medicine cabinet, check out their kits. Some are only polishes, some come with tools. Gift-wise, I started out with a mani kit (tools included), and I highly recommend.

WOW. You made it to the end. I am THANKFUL for readers like you! May the sales be in your favor this season and shit you buy bring you all the joy you hoped it would. Godspeed.

It’s officially the season of giving and if you purchase from these links, the corporations you purchase from may *give* a portion of the sale to me! Thoughtful! 

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