shit i bought and liked no. 19: pre-instagram era 17-year-olds


I had a whole other newsletter prepped and READY TO GO, but lo and behold, Amazon SOLD OUT of my shit! Can you believe?! Just another instance of a corporate behemoth stamping out a SMALL BUSINESS. Instead of leaving you hanging for another week, I decided to do what I do best: Ignore all signs that I am up way past my bedtime in favor of staring at a screen. Only this time, instead of descending down an Instagram blackhole, I wrote this newsletter! Progress! 

A while ago I asked all of you for eye cream recommendations, and as per uj (the abbreviated version of usual? I hate how there’s no good/universally agreed-upon way to spell out spoken abbrevs. VERY ANNOYING.) you guys came back to me with a clear frontrunner: Ole Henriksen Banana Brightening Eye Creme ($38). 

I’m not a skincare expert (though my cc bill would BEG TO DIFFER), but I’m pretty sure this is the texture that every eye cream is supposed to have. It’s creamy but not in a gross or heavy way—substantial enough to feel moisturizing, but light enough to not be sitting on top of my skin fully unabsorbed 10 minutes later. I don’t notice the banana scent anymore, but I did when I first started using it. It’s super slight, and always made me a little happy, which is hard to come by in 2020! 

I’m unsure of how it does on puffiness/fine lines (I have the skin of a 17-year-old, which is 100% not a brag to anyone familiar with what pre-Instagram era 17-year-olds looked like), but many of you seemed to think it was great on both counts. I can speak to dark circles though, and have noticed improvements in that arena! 

Full disclosure: I actually had the start of this letter saved in drafts A WEEK AND A HALF after I purchased this cream. That is obviously way too soon to speak to any perceived efficacy, but clearly I loved it early on. And now, months later, I’m still in the same boat (and on the same first lil tub—a little goes a long way!). 

If you’re looking for alts (though idk why you would after that compelling case), here are the honorable mentions from the community: Drunk Elephant C-Tango ($68) and Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($32)

Alright now here’s an ask for you guys: What is your life-changing shit? What are the little things (or big ones!) that you are obsessed with/that make your life better/that you want to shout from the rooftops about? Your nightstand phone charger, your favorite grab and go breakfast shake/bar, your single serve decaf latte maker that froths the goddamn coconut milk because I do not have the energy to do this myself (DOES THIS EXIST, I NEED IT PLEASE)??? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS (or at least send me your juicer recs)!!!! Tysm.

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