shit i bought and liked no. 21: there are bouncers at my grocery store

So, shitters. I’ve spent the past week or so grappling with the ethics of sending you recs on shit to buy during a full blown pandemic clusterfuck unlike anything we’ve seen in our entire lifetimes (that link goes to the CDC so no one can accuse me of sending a COVID email without the right COVID resources). 

We’re confined to our houses, businesses are shuttering, TP aisles across the country have been ransacked, the Dow is worth approximately 85 cents, there are bouncers at my grocery store, and people will continue to get sick/die from this incredibly fucking shitty virus. It is, as they say, NOT GREAT—there’s really no way around it. 

Obviously, stress is at an all-time high around here (here being my living room/I would presume literally everywhere else), but there are a couple things I’ve purchased both recently/pre-Corona that have made this crazy/awful/complete shit time a little more bearable, so I thought I’d share:

  1. Noree Thai. This is one of my favorite spots to get delivery from in LA, and now that it (like every other restaurant in California) is closed for dine-in, it feels extra important to get in my weekly order of Pad See Ew with Tofu. We all have a Noree Thai–a go-to spot that always delivers (figuratively and possibly also literally). If you still have a regular paycheck and/or are otherwise able to support your favorite spots, do it. (Same goes for all those haircuts + facials + dog walks + house cleanings, etc. you’d usually be booking. Ask your people if you can pay ahead, buy a gift card, send them a few $, etc.).
  2. Super Thick Wool Socks. Guys. I was gonna write you a full fucking email about these socks. There’s a whole backstory on why I wanted them involving a pilates instructor I wanted to see in NY before Coronavirus decided to ruin my vacation/the entire world, but I’ll spare you (for now). They’re cheap and warm and if we’re spending the next God knows how long bundled up at home, might as well be comfy, right? (You get three pairs for $13—really can’t be beat).
  3. Miroco Milk Frother. By chance I purchased this before I knew we were gonna go into a full lockdown situation, and it + the European version of decaf Nespresso pods have made the past week and a half-ish of work from home much more pleasant. I justified the (actually not so bad) upfront price with how much $ I’m gonna save on lattes for the rest of my life, and even started buying my own bread and avocados so I can make myself brunch! Too bad our wrecked economy/my chosen field of fucking around on the internet mean that no matter how many avocado toasts I forgo, I will never own a home 🙂 🙂 🙂  
  4. Kindle Paperwhite (Refurb): This is not an official stance re: real books vs. Kindle, though if it were, honestly idk… I like my Kindle a lot more than I was ever expecting to, and it’s really cut down the weight of my luggage/purses over the years. I’ve been blowing through books during this social distancing/stay at home situation (Where the Crawdads Sing and Red White and Royal Blue were two of the better ones so far), and most have been via this lil guy. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the newer Kindles and iPad-y things do, but that’s why I like it. The screen’s brightness adjusts based on where you’re reading (a beach vs. inside, day vs. night), and it connects to the Kindle Store and Goodreads. All you need. Hot tip: Save yourself some $ and buy it as a refurb—no one needs a brand new Kindle.
  5. Smart Sweets Peach Rings: We all need a completely cost-ineffective snack, ok. This and Culina yogurts are my quarantine go-tos.

​Oh, also, every single fitness influencer is doing free trials or live workouts on IG. Do those to stay sane, ok. 

That’s all for my hot tips, but if you have things/tips/general wisdom to share that have made these trying times a little less shitty for you, let’s hear ‘em. As always, if someone sent you this newsletter, sign up to get it yourself at

These are affiliate links. This gal blew through this month’s Mint budget for groceries a week and a half ago, and would love to not starve.

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