shit i bought and liked no. 25: 69 days until the election (nice)

Shitters! Today we’re getting straight into it because there are approx 69 days until the Election and I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WASTE. The last time we spoke I asked for sleep shorts recs and you all came back to me with SO MANY GOOD OPTIONS, WOW. I am happy to report that I found a *chef’s kiss* perfect pair for $30, which is more than reasonable given that you (or at least I) keep sleep stuff for years and wear it CONSTANTLY. But, because you all were so enthusiastic, and had a LOT of thoughts, I have also included other recommendations from the ~community~ 

So we’re all on the same page here, I am extremely picky about sleep shorts. They have to be SUPER soft, drapey thin fabric (NOT sweatshorts), with a waist that’s not tight or restrictive and barely feels like it’s there. The legs can’t be cut close to the thigh, the length has be to substantial enough to not make me feel uncomfy in front of parents/siblings/roommates/etc., but they absolutely cannot veer into Bermuda shorts territory (shuddering at the thought of the light blue plaid pair I thought were very stylish in the sixth grade). 

Some will look at this list and wonder if I am this picky about everything. No, I am not, but you know what—I MIGHT BE BETTER OFF IF I WAS. I for one think that being a discerning shopper and not contributing in excess to rampant consumerism/fast fashion’s detrimental effects on the environment and our brains is a good thing. (My mom is laughing because rampant consumerism has been at the core of my being since like age 7, but I AM ATTEMPTING TO BE BETTER). 

Anyways, the following are SOME of the recs I received. I didn’t include all of them because many were similar but not as good as the ones I went with, and some were truly insane (Soffe shorts…..? I’m still speechless). Advance warning: Some of these have really limited sizes in stock—annoying, I know—but guess who’s fault that is? DONALD TRUMP’S FOR MISMANAGING A PANDEMIC AND DERAILING SUPPLY CHAINS AND MAKING IT INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT FOR PEOPLE TO SURVIVE (and/or find their size in sleep shorts). Why don’t we all take a moment to make sure we are prepared to do something about that.

All set? Great. Back to your regularly scheduled programming: 

  • Cuyana’s Pima Sleep Shorts ($30) are the ones I chose based on all of the recs you sent (I was sent multiple for this pair!) and I am in LOVE. I have already sent the link to multiple friends, resisted the urge to purchase in a second color (see, a conscious consumer!!), and am now telling you to get on this because they literally just restocked the black and the grey today (yes I signed up for the email alerts before sending to you all) and THEY WILL BE GONE AGAIN SOON.
  • Tommy John’s Women’s Lounge Short ($48) were a rec from my roommate Alex who I trust with my life, and I’m glad they are out of stock in my size in this pink because I don’t know if I’m far along enough in my conscious consumption journey to not purchase immediately. (These ones also have pockets, which the Cuyana’s do not, if you are into that kinda thing.)
  • Lake Pajamas Pima Weekend Shorts Set ($84). These are obviously on the pricier side and are only sold as sets (top and bottom), but according to Anna, they are the very best and worth every penny. If you’re into the matching set trend (extremely guilty), they have a bunch, and they also have a fun little bundle with a matching top, shorts, AND pants for people who live in places with seasons! 
  • Lunya’s Washable Silk Sleep Set ($178). Do not murder me for putting pricey pajamas on here, THEY WERE A RECOMMENDATION FROM THE COMMUNITY, OK. These are sexy but not trying too hard, which is the absolute best way to be, and the top definitely doubles as something you could wear out and about (getting very Meghan Markle in Suits vibes from the whole thing). AND it’s washable. A lotta things going for it. 

And since you’re here, and it’s summer, and we’ve already been talking about bike shorts and sleep shorts, I might as well share the only good athletic shorts on the fucking planet: Outdoor Voices’ Hudson Athletic Shorts ($58). The waistband? Perfection? The length? Perfection. The cut of the legs? PER.FEC.TION. Sold out in small/medium in many colors AT THE MOMENT, but they’re worth the wait okey?

This was a newsletter about shorts but it was LONG, and you gotta forgive me for that line because I just spent two hours watching the RNC and I feel like my brain is now moving at the speed that Don Jr.’s does before the coke. 

And with that… I should stop. If you liked this newsletter, that is GREAT and makes me happy! Sign up here to get it sent to you directly. And if you try any of these shorts, let me know! Hearing how many of you bought/liked the bike shorts and then proceeded to buy three more pairs gave me real genuine JOY. 


These are obviously affiliate links because I am an ENTREPRENEUR! 

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