shit i bought and liked no. 30: there’s a new influencer in town!!!

Shitters! Omg. The time has come. We’re one week out from the Big Day and at the point where regardless of your level of involvement in news and politics, everyone’s stressed. Welcome to the club!

Before we get into the latest shit, I just gotta say—this weekend is the last one we have, and in a lot of ways, this election is the last one we have. That’s why I want to invite you to help Get Out the Vote at a phone or text bank this weekend. This work comes down to us. Not imaginary people off somewhere who care a little more or have a little more time on their hands. US. HI. YOU. AND ME. So find a shift and get comfy. I’ll be right there with you.

If you’re like me, stressful times seem to be exactly when all the habits that generally keep you happy, healthy, and sane drop faster than, idk, Rudy Giuliani’s pants in the new Borat? But I’m genuinely very excited about this week’s shit because a) it’s a lifesaver during crazy times, b) I like it a lot (duh), and c) THERE IS A DISCOUNT CODE. Move over former Bachelor contestants, there’s a new influencer in town!!! 

Meet SAKARA—a super clean, plant-based, ready-to-eat meal delivery service that is bougie as hell and, IMO, WORTH IT. (Is this the part where I say the code? Do I wait until the end??? How do you influence, guys? This is hard!!) 

Sakara’s basically like if Gwyneth Paltrow’s live-in chef started catering your life. They specialize in plant based, veggie-heavy, NO BORING SALAD meals with the goal of making you feel better, boosting your energy, clearing your skin, cutting your bloat, improving your digestion, and possibly helping you lose weight if that’s what you’re in the market for. I like to imagine its effects as the opposite of whatever has caused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to start decomposing before our eyes.

The meals are healthy and exciting in a way that I wasn’t expecting. The standouts for me are the breakfasts—baked donuts (HEALTHY DONUTS YOU GUYS), parfaits, their granola with fun “mylk” combos—plus lunch/dinner options like Thai Basil Buddha Bowls, Veggie Masala, Superfood Pasta, and these really good veggie burgers/root fries I had yesterday that became a new fave. There’s a TON of variety (even on my most ambitious week of cooking I would never come up with half of these options), and I start feeling leaner/less bloated really quickly—usually by the AM of Day 2.

It’s also insanely nice to have full-on meals ready to eat the minute you’re hungry. The first time I ordered Sakara was during the week of the DNC. I didn’t feel comfortable going to a grocery store before knowing I was for sure COVID-free post-travel (responsible!!), and I also knew I was gonna be WAY too busy/overwhelmed to want to cook for myself during the week. To just be able to reach for something (something that’s not candy or cookies or chips) the minute you’re hungry saved me a ton of time and prevented a lot of mindless stress-eating during very long, very busy days.

Delivery options are pretty flexible—you can pick which meals you want/how many days a week you want them (two, three or five days)—and code XOPRIYANKA at checkout gets you 20% off your first meal delivery or on any of their products (how did I do?! Smooth, right??). It’s definitely not cheap, so I don’t order meal delivery super regularly (and to be very clear, I don’t eat fully plant-based, super healthy stuff 24/7), but I keep it/their products in the rotation for a few scenarios: 

  • When there’s a shitton going on and you don’t have time to cook/be indecisive about how you’re going to feed yourself (read: next week)
  • When you would like to avoid shoveling snacks into your mouth because you’re stressed (read: also next week)
  • When you want a nice lil reset after a stressful or overindulgent time (will I personally victimize 85% of this newsletter’s audience by saying post-Election?)
  • If you’re in a mini quar situation during/after holiday travel 
  • When you want to treeeeeat yourself (or someone else!) to something nice and buy some time to relax

And bonus—if you order for next week, you can use the time you save to volunteer in the last stretch! Our work’s not over until Donald Trump gets forcibly dragged out of the White House the polls are closed on Election Night. Find all of your options here. (And for the love of God, please text your family/friends in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Maine, Colorado, etc. to make sure they know where/when/how they can vote with



These are affiliate links because this company thought I was cool enough to work with! Exciting!!! 

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