shit i bought and liked no. 36: the shitters guide to valentine’s day gifting

Shitters! February is almost upon us which means IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! On behalf of the community, I am here with some vday gifting suggestions to help those in need (whether that is yourself, your family/friends, and/or the clueless significant other who will somehow find this in their inbox…). 

When it comes to gifting, I usually go one of two routes. The first is splurge-y (which doesn’t necessarily mean expensive). Picking up a nicer version of something someone already uses, or grabbing something somewhat frivolous that they’d enjoy, but wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves, is a fun type of gift to give and receive. 

The second is SPECIFIC. When you’re shopping for someone you know well (which is generally the case come vday), you probably have a substantial amount of info/context/memories about this person! Their interests (especially the newer ones)! Things they’ve eyed or mentioned! Your happy memories or favorite experiences together! Picking a gift based on those things means you won’t get your s/o something that they could also get from their mom AND the reassurance that you spent more than 2.5 seconds googling “Good Valentine’s Day Gift for Girls” and Amazon Prime-ing the first thing that came up.  

Below are a few non gender-specific ideas to get your creative juices flowing, courtesy of myself and guest shitter/Crooked Media boss Tanya Somanader, who could’ve had a fruitful career as an ecomm editor had she not gone and got hired by Barack Obama. 

  • (Virtual) Experiences: IRL experiences are some of the most fun gifts to give/receive, but for the time being that’s a little tough to swing. Luckily for all of us, there are some really solid virtual options that can make a date night feel more exciting than… every other night of the past 11 months. Tanya flagged Sur La Table’s surprisingly affordable online cooking classes, and there are a few fun cocktail versions of this on Airbnb. If you want to make this somewhat more personal, pick something that references an early date you loved or a trip you wanted to go on before COVID/QAnon psychos made everywhere outside of your front door terrifying!!! 
  • ​Roses: If you’re going the flowers route, I get it. They’re a classic, and to some, a vday expectation. But they’re expensive and die, so IMO, if you’re already planning on ponying up for a nice bouquet, just bite the bullet and upgrade to Venus Et Fleur. They are super luxe boxes of roses that last a full year, and after spending months of last year adoring my mother’s, I can confirm they hold up well. The box of roses is the classic, but the mini singles and squares are way more affordable and look great on a WFH desk. I also just discovered this stunning single stem option while poking around on their site and WOW, gorg. Alternatively, you can go for indoor plants from sites like The Sill for someone who’d be less into roses specifically, but would find the gesture sweet. 
  • Robes: An easy pick that literally not a soul would object to. Parachute’s are my all-time fave. The waffle robe is lighter (my preference for everyday), but the classic towel robe is super plush, cozy, and has a little extra length in the legs for you tall people/partners. I could fall asleep in it, it’s that good.  
  • Waffle MakerSo this isn’t at the top of my personal Valentine’s Day list, but that’s only because the top spot is currently occupied by Hailey Bieber’s fucking massive oval eternity band (this one goes out to my boyfriend who I’m sure is loving this insight into the terrifying breadth of my wishlist). These are somewhat more accessible to everyone who is not married to Justin Bieber, and this $10 heart-shaped one is the most adorable little thing. Bonus points if you make the waffles yourself and serve as breakfast in bed.
  • Embosser: This was another Tanya suggestion and I love it. If your s/o (or friends/family—this also makes a really good anniversary gift) is a big reader, get them a library embosser to personalize their books. This is especially great for people who make it a habit to share their books, and if you are Juliet Weiss, do not buy this because it’s already coming to you for anniversary #1! 
  • Leather goods: Hot tip: You can get very nice looking walletscard holdersweekend bags (this one is beautiful), etc. personalized much cheaper and faster than most retail options via Etsy. You’re welcome!!!
  • Candles: Candles set a vibe and come in every possible combo to suit your taste/budget (if you’re looking for a new one to try, this gorgeous fig one from black-owned brand La Botica is my housewarming gift to myself). If you’re going this direction, I love the idea of pairing it with a cool brass lighter (s/o Tanya), a pretty match cloche, or these very chic douters/wick trimmers. Going the extra mile can be applicable to any gift—throw in some waffle mix with the waffle maker, a playlist with a Sonos, a sweet inscription with a book. Endless thoughtful possibilities! 
  • Theragun Mini: None of us are having a spa day anytime soon and giving massages is exhausting, therefore there has never been a better time to buy a Theragun. Expensive gift, yes, but also pretty ideal for a partner you live with because… it’s basically yours too! The only rules are being a good sport and offering to Theragun their hard to reach spots, and not hogging it for yourself (on day one). The mini works just as well as the big guys and is a lot less intense looking/easier to store. 
  • Chocolate: A must. Whether or not you’re celebrating with someone, a box of truffles from Godiva or CVS for 50% off on Feb 15th is a seasonal necessity. Chocolate-covered strawberries are also a hit and QUITE easy to make at home if you don’t eat all the dipping chocolate yourself first. 

Y’all. There are PLEEEEENTY of solid options to choose from up there, but the most important part of any gift/holiday like this is the card, so don’t sleep on writing something sincere, thoughtful, and (at least somewhat) legible. If any of you have given Valentine’s gifts you’re particularly proud of/were well-received, drop a line. I *thiiiink* I know what I’m going with this year, but fresh ideas never hurt!

Good luck out there!!! 

Some of these are affiliate links. I told you about my wishlist, didn’t I? That should explain why! 

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