shit i bought and liked no. 37: this is a safe space

Shitters. Once again, any attempt at a content calendar I once may have had has been foiled by this thing we call life MOVING WHILE MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE, which has left me with the harsh realization that moving is literal hell on Earth unless you live anywhere but a shoebox NYC apartment moving 10 blocks south to get out of Murray Hill. I wrote this sentence after a bit of tequila, and I’m LEAVING IT IN because this is a safe space. 

My new place is a dream, but every part of the pre- and post-move process… has been the absolute opposite. However, we are making lemonade in the form of this newsletter (third only to the album and Mike’s Hard Black Cherry), and now that I can confirm there are at least 10 fewer years on the tail end of my time on this Earth than there were 10 days ago, this edition of Shit I Bought is imbued with a newfound wisdom. 

10 days ago, I was just a girl who reveled in indulgent, frivolous, not always entirely necessary shit. (I mean, I linked a candle snuffer in my last newsletter, ok? I LIVE for frivolous shit.) But today, I am a changed woman, writing to you about a very practical adult purchase—a vacuum. But not just ANY vacuum—no no no. A DYSON. How the times have changed! 

I realize Dyson has since expanded to a whole range of hair/home/fan-type products, but the og vacuum will forever have my heart. It’s fast and lightweight and CORDLESS, a combo that allows you to complete the entire process between deciding you should really clean up a bit to putting the vacuum back where it came from in six-ish minutes. 

I’m sure there are a lot of other vacuums out there. I’m not gonna act like I’m an expert on them, or that I even care that much, because I really do not. I just know that this one is idiot-proof, looks GREAT (the fuschia!!!!), takes up minimal storage space, charges up in a few minutes after I decide I need to use it, and works even faster, culminating in the easiest user experience of all time. It’s my favorite home appliance. I feel grateful every time I use it. And no, I will never let anyone else touch it because it’s the best thing I own. 

Over the years I’ve started to watch people I went to college with be gifted this for late 20’s birthdays and it is 1000000% a gift that continues to give (NOT for Valentine’s Day though… big Peloton wife vibes. That’s what the last newsletter was for). I too received this as a gift of sorts, but ”Shit My Dad Brought From My Childhood Home to Help Me Move Into My First LA Apartment Without Asking My Mom First” was just a smidge too long as far as titles go. 

In addition to frequent move-related clean ups, this has been an absolute godsend for my allergies. Dust, pollen, ragweed, down feathers, my coworker’s dog Griffin. It’s great knowing that if it weren’t for a cocktail of OTC antihistamines and the allergy shots I got regularly as a child, I would be utterly useless right now. But the Dyson lets me nip developing sniffles in the bud ASAP.

I don’t wanna lose you here, but honestly… it’s kinda fun? Maybe this move and living in relative social isolation have finally broken my brain, but yes, I said it, and I’ll say it again—vacuuming with the Dyson is fun. Come for me in the replies for all I care!

Some other things that have made this move/the new place happier/easier/better: This Kai reed diffuser in my bathroom—it’s a light, fresh, almost Hawaiian scent minus any coconut, and I reeeally like it, this Apple device charging station that received a LOT of attention when it appeared in the corner of one of my IG stories, a bunch of somewhat presentable storage boxes for closet/bathroom shit, and this super cushy/easy clean kitchen mat (underrated, but so nice if you’re standing at your stove or sink for a bit). Go to town! 

If you’re reading this because you saw it on Twitter, hi! You can get new editions in your inbox every now and then by signing up at And as always, let me know about shit you’ve been loving/hating/trying, etc. Whether you’re moving or settling or just attempting to get comfier at home while we’re all still here, I hope you found something here you’re excited to try! (And please don’t bully me about the Murray Hill thing. That was told to you confidence.)


Some of these are affiliate links, which makes sense if you’ve read anything about my penchant for purchasing frivolous/non-frivolous shit. 

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