shit i bought and liked no. 39: the cookbooks

Shitters. I’m back in your inboxes in RECORD time because when I asked for recs to diversify my cookbook wall last week, you all sent over so many great picks that I just couldn’t wait. 

Far and away, Samin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat was the recommendation I received most. If I copy/pasted in all the praise you had for this book, I’d have more than a full newsletter, but I thought this summed it up: “This book was like going to culinary school, but where your best friend is the teacher and just wants you to succeed.” 

More than a few of you credited Samin for upping your home-cooking game over the course of quar, and from what I gather, this book is part instruction guide—techniques and fundamentals that will help you become more comfortable cooking and experimenting—and part cookbook with phenomenal recipes and supposedly frame-worthy illustrations. More than enough bang for your buck, IMO. 

Speaking of bang for your buck, all the links here are to Bookshop listings (supporting indie bookstores), which I realize are a bit pricier than Amazon. I made collections of this list on both platforms (view the full collection on Bookshop here and on Amazon here), but I strongly suggest opting for Bookshop, or a bookstore in your area. Even if that means being more judicious about your purchase. Books are treasures. They are worth it. And now I feel like a high school teacher preaching abstinence to a room of horny teens….

And with that… THE LIST!!! 

See the full collections here on Amazon and on Bookshop

I know that’s a lot of books, and having now spent a considerable amount of time looking at each, I can honestly tell you there isn’t a single one that I do not want to own, but I am attempting to pace myself and start out with Falastin for next month. I cannot wait to see this beauty on my cookbook wall and start making my way through it. Pick it up and join me! 

Excited for our soon to be very full bellies!! 


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