shit i bought and liked no. 44: living the f-ing dream

Shitters!!!! I’m VERY excited for this round of Shit I Bought And Liked because a) it is DELICIOUS and b) I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE! Money I Saved And Liked!!! 

But before we get there, we have to circle back to the non-skinny jeans from last time around. I was THRILLED to hear that so many of you already adore these AGOLDE Rileys/found a new wash to try! I got a ton of other very good recs (the coolest was this pair of MOTHER’s from my friend Richa—her tip was to size down), but we have also discovered a more wallet-friendly/ size-inclusive starter straight leg pair at Madewell. This style comes in a ton of washes (though I love this vintagey one), and in plus, petite, standard, and tall sizing. At least five different people including my friend Nikki who has the world’s coolest style raved about this pair, so do with this info what you must! OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming—

This week we’re talking about Deux, a healthy, eat-from-the-jar, vegan/gluten-free cookie dough (code PRIYANKA gets you 10% off at checkout!!). A couple months ago, I found this the same way I find many a new product—on the Instagram stories of some vaguely wellness-oriented influencers who hit it big and now get to spend their days doing hikes and talking about skincare and eating $25 Erewhon salmon plates for lunch on a daily basis. (This, btw, is called living the fucking dream.)

Our bougie influencer cookie dough was supposedly “enhanced,” meaning made with things like ashwagandha, zinc, elderberry, collagen, and/or plant protein on top of an already minimally processed, vegan & gluten-free ingredient list. They were also supposedly TO DIE FOR.

Too good to be true, I wondered? Who knew? At that point, NOT ME, because they were noticeably absent from grocery delivery and after the great Erewhon riot of 2020, there was no shot I was going near that place. After what felt like the 8th time someone was talking to their phone saying “not sponsored, just love this stuff!!!”, I did some googling. 

It turns out that Deux has a site where they will sell us non-Little Beach House inhabitants their mythical cookie dough, and if you buy three or more jars they’ll ship for free! Done. Sold. Snagged myself a variety pack without thinking twice.

And guess what. It is really fucking good. It has the satisfying consistency of cookie dough without the sugary sweet taste or the sugar-induced crash. It’s pretty filling, so I don’t eat the whole jar in one sitting (though I might not say the same re: a hungry boyfriend). I like it in the middle of the afternoon as a snack, at the end of the night for dessert, honestly sometimes as a bite or two to hold me over before a later breakfast (the ingredients are basically all breakfast foods anyways). 

I’ve purchased the variety pack twice and there has not been a single miss. The brownie batter is divine. PB has extra plant protein and is my fave for a morning/post-workout snack. Chocolate chip is arguably my favorite to sit down with while watching TV/the one I finished while writing this. And there are more I have yet to try! According to the jar, you can bake the dough for 8 mins and have yourself a nice warm cookie, but this has yet to make it past the jar to mouth route. Again, code PRIYANKA saves you a lil $ if you’re getting curious/hungry! 

While trying to figure out how to get my hands on this stuff, I also came across the Deux backstory—it was a pandemic project by two very cool women (one of whom responded to my email herself after I reached out about this review!) that took off in a huge way. Learning more about them and how Deux started made me feel good about what I was/am supporting. Small businesses are people’s dreams! Supporting dreams is a beautiful thing! 

As always, I’d love to hear what you think—of the cookie dough, of the straight leg jeans, of this newsletter in general. And if you’re new here, welcome! Sign up right here to get this in your inbox every so often.

Talk soon!

Priyanka(P.S. If you are in the market for a last-ish min Mother’s Day gift that is not cookie dough, my mom adored this lil guy from Venus Et Fleur—yours might too!)

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