shit i bought and liked no. 46: comfy cozies (+ a MDW sale)

Hi Shitters! (To all the newcomers here, I promise this is a term of endearment.) I gotta be honest with you—I was all set to tell you about an online pilates platform I am utterly obsessed with, but my motivation to get moving has been next to zero this past week. 

In the past, I would’ve probably freaked out about this, pushed myself to do some long, intense workouts when I definitely didn’t feel like it, ate less to “make up for it,” and thought some not so great things during all of the above. But it’s just a week. I’ve been tired. And I won’t be tired forever. So we’re taking it easy! Walks. A little yoga when it feels nice. Lots of lounging in front of the TV hoping everything turns out ok for Mare (of Easttown) and Kaitlynn (Brody’s ex-wife on the Hills Reunion), with a healthy serving of Deux on the side (code PRIYANKA still works, team). 

I still love working out from home, and will definitely share more on the pilates very shortly (what’s the version of cord-cutting where you cancel your gym membership for the rest of your life?), but this week I felt a bit more inclined to write about the comfy cozies that I’ve been rotating through between this cycle of working, walking, watching, and sleeping. 

I’ve already told you about the first ones—these Vuori joggers. I truly spent all of February, March, and April in these pants. They are sweat-friendly and so good for exercise, but are also enough of a “pant” to wear during errands or travel or a casual weeknight hang. According to my boyfriend (guest male shitter!), the men’s ones are also pretty great for movement. Perhaps a good gift for notoriously-hard-to-shop-for dads/ brothers/ partners, etc.? 

The other are these Alo sweatshorts. Especially now that it’s warmer, I’ve been grabbing these c o n s t a n t l y. They’re super soft, have a nice roomy cut, and are way comfier to sit/spend the day in than your typical denim or active shorts. They’re also a bit longer than most pairs, which I appreciate. 

Like the Vuori’s, they’re what I consider a “transitional” piece, meaning that they transition well between sitting on your butt to sweaty-ish activities. They held up well during yoga, pilates, and a 20 minute Peloton ride, though I wouldn’t pick them first for anything much sweatier. Alo has two versions—the one I have has very high school gym uniform vibes (raw hem, gym short drawstring, looks great rolled once, etc.), but it seems like they’re phasing this version out for these nicer ones (finished hem, nicer ties, lots more sizes/colors available). They do have a nice lil sale going during MDW for all my lil bargain hunters, though sadly neither of these ones made the cut.

I truly was not planning on sending this to you all at the start of a holiday weekend, but hey—no editor, no rules! Plus this sale won’t run forever, so wanted to give you all a heads up (h/t to the office #thingswebuy Slack channel for alerting me to this intel). 

On the topic of MDW, if you’re in need of a beach/travel read, I highly recommend The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz. I feel like I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about this book, but it’s a fast-paced thriller that had me hooked from the jacket blurb, and it makes for great weekend reading material. Linked more books I’ve read and liked right here for ya in case you’re in need of some summer reading suggestions.

That’s all for now! Hope you all take a breather and get some time away from whatever’s been keeping you busy (preferably in the comfiest of comfy cozies)! 


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