shit i bought and liked no. 47: grog-free sleep

SHITTERS! Hi! It’s been a MINUTE since I last wrote you, but there has been a LOT going on. For starters, I’m moving. Again. This time out of LA (for a minute). LONG story. Hopefully a good one? Wish me luck! There are also some work/life updates in progress, and because all of that wasn’t enough, I decided to add a little party planning into the mix too! Love to celebrate being old enough to know that hosting social events gives me anxiety, but young enough to do it anyways!!! 

Speaking of anxiety, this rec is very much up that alley, so if you are the mind race-y, up all night, in desperate need of the good night’s sleep that so consistently evades you-type, keep reading.

Last fall I wrote to you about these CBD/Melatonin gummies and you guys lost. your. shit. Truly, one of your favorite recs of all time—I’ve never heard more rave reviews about a product in this newsletter maybe ever (and with good reason, these things knock you out fast). But if you’re one of the many people who don’t like taking melatonin or CBD, I have a grog-free alternative.

I’ve spent months telling my (long distance) boyfriend that he is a human weighted blanket, and he truly is! So that’s the rec! Get a boyfriend!!!! Lol, for real though—as a person who is not usually so great at falling asleep, being curled up with a warm, sleeping human really does the trick. Some combo of the weight and the steady breathing tells my brain that there is nothing left to do but sleep, and my brain (thank god) finally starts to believe it. A miracle! 

But alas, you can’t buy a boyfriend, and when we’re not on the same coast, I’m back to square one sleep-wise (awake in the dark at 2:35am wondering when I will finally get a moment of peace but also if there’s enough lighting in my backyard to host a party and which brand of hard seltzer people like these days. FYI, it’s Cacti). 

He has apparently woken up on the East Coast to me still being awake on PST one too many times, which is why he gifted me with my very own Gravity Blanket (!). I always knew weighted blankets existed but I’d never looked into purchasing one myself. I thought they were bulky and ugly and not worth the price tag (they’re as thin as regular blankets, come in a ton of styles, and this one is currently very much on sale). I am now here, tail between my legs, telling you I was VERY wrong on all counts. They work. They’re amazing. And I never want to sleep without it. 

I have the single 15 pounder in white, which currently lives underneath my duvet cover on my side of the bed (though if you get a bigger size, it’ll fit across the whole thing). My bedding is white as well, so it looks right at home in between the duvet and the sheet (for the record, I would not say I’m a top sheet person, but one did come in my set). It would also look good at the end of the bed, or work as an insert inside of a cover. This one in particular is supposed to be “cooling,” which means it’s still cozy, but not a furnace for hot sleepers/summer nights, etc. 

Honestly, it’s not just the lights out/”go to bed” part that the blanket is good for. Just sitting under it when I get into bed and read or scroll or watch TV gets me sleepy. The only downside at all is that the weight makes it tough to cart around when I’m away from home, but this one is definitely not getting sent to storage during the move.

If you’re looking for a prettier option for the couch or end of bed, I’ve heard great things about these knit ones from Bearaby as well. Either way, had to let you know that if it’s sleep you’re seeking, these things are definitely helpful. 

That’s all from me for now, but sneak peek—I’ve been trying two new clean foundations and I have THOUGHTS (good ones!). Coming soon to an inbox near you! In the meantime, if you have weighted blanket thoughts, shit you’ve bought and loved recently, or something you’re eyeing but want me to test first, my inbox, DMs, etc are always open and I’d love to hear from you! As always, sign up to get this newsletter delivered straight to you at


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