shit i bought and liked no. 49: reporting live from my spending embargo!

Shitters! Ok, this may be the shortest newsletter I’ve ever sent because APPARENTLY everyone already knows this, but a new summer staple has entered the rotation, so I had to do my part and spread the word.

Longtime shitters already know I am a BIG fan of Birkenstocks. Still have my classic pair from high school, still ADORE the black shearling-lined pair that makes me feel like a goop mom sipping red wine al fresco year-round. But after a longer than necessary internal debate, a THIRD pair has entered the rotation: The EVAs

Not to be confused with a fun product name (though if Eva Mendes bought her own groceries, I do think she’d wear these to go get them), EVA is a soft, rubbery, WATERPROOF material. Based on how many of you responded about your pairs when I put mine on IG stories, I may be breaking this news to absolutely no one, but they’re pretty much the perfect summer sandal.

They’re lightweight, with a comfy molded sole like the original Birkenstocks, but completely waterproof, and way more sturdy/walk-friendly than flip flops or the more expensive summer sandals with no semblance of an insole that inevitably get gross and ruined whenever you bring them near water or crowds. Judging by the pair I’ve had for over 10 years, I’m also not worried about having to replace them anytime soon, as opposed to other cheap summer sandals that last a season or two at the very best. Points for sustainability?! 

The general colors of choice appear to be white (fun!) or black (chic!), but I switched it up with olive and have been liiiiiiving in them. To me, olive feels different enough to be distinctive, but still neutral enough to go with most of the casual things I wear (t-shirts and shorts—AGOLDE Parkers forever—jeans, swimsuits/coverups, and the like). But there are tons of color options, plus pop colors and prints in a very similar style sandal from the brand Freedom Moses. (And for men wondering whether or not they can pull off Birkenstocks/if this newsletter will ever have a rec for them, YES to both—my coworker/veteran shitter Joel has a pair in black that are v casual and understated and look great poolside.)

I also like these because as far as summer sandals go, they’re relatively inexpensive ($45). Great for shitters on a BUDGET (reporting live from my current spending embargo), but also ones who want to keep their nice things looking nice. I go for these when I have something involving water or walking or crowds, so I can save my beloved Jenni Kayne’s for nicer outfits/keep them around for a few more summers.

Wow! Told you this would be a short one! If I had an editor who wasn’t just me, I’d be fishing for some kind of praise, but I guess that’s a tradeoff one has to make in order to shout into the void of the internet sans adult supervision. (Sidenote: If you need some books to accompany your summer activities, I’ve been keeping this list up to date with ones I’ve read and loved. It’s a lot of fiction—I’m in a phase—but they’re all good, I promise!).

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Stay SPF’ed out there!!!!!


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