shit i bought and liked no. 54: the best sports bra i have ever owned


According to a very scientific poll conducted on my Instagram Stories this weekend, the people need sports bra recs, so that is the plan today! But for those of you on Team PJs, not to worry—they will be coming your way very shortly, and I promise they are worth the wait.

I present today’s shit knowing full well that luxe athleisure isn’t anyone’s definition of a necessity. Very few people care what you wear to workout, and if you’re exercising mostly at home like me, very few people even see it in the first place. But, my dear shitters, over the past year and a half, I have become a real sucker for cute activewear. I justify it because I spend most of my WFH/downtime in it anyways (I’m wearing this rec as we speak), though truth be told, marketing works and I have definitely been #influenced by hot people who get this stuff for free. But it also makes me happy and feel good, and ya gotta make room in your budget for stuff like that every now and then.

By now you know I am ride or die for alo’s Warrior Mat (yes, it is better than the Lulu mats—ask anybody), but it took me a LOT longer to come around to their clothing. This is not for lack of trying! I’ve brought many a cute thing into their dressing rooms over the years, but I’ve pretty much always left empty-handed. Agree or disagree (I’d actually love to know where people stand on this), but I’ve just never felt like their clothes were all that flattering on anyone without model height/proportions?

I had mostly given up on them for activewear, but while in-store at the start of the summer to try on sweat shorts (these have to be my most-worn lounge item of the summer—HIGHLY recommend), I stumbled upon THE perfect sports bra, and just like that my alo conversion began. 

This very quickly became the best sports bra I have ever owned (my previous go-to was Lululemon’s Energy Bra and there is simply no contest). First and foremost, it keeps everything in place and covered, which cannot always be said of cute activewear! It comes with light removable padding and has a scoop neckline that hits at the perfect spot. But beyond that, it is insanely comfortable—something that cannot be said of most sports bras at all.

The fabric is soft (and ribbed!), and the straps aren’t racerback, which is a huge relief for my traps and lets me wear them all day without getting achy. It also doesn’t make me feel uncomfortably exposed if I wear them solo, which cuts down my need for other expensive activewear/my laundry loads.

Activity-wise, it’s pretty versatile. I’ve worn it for yoga, sweaty pilates classes, a few Peloton rides, and outdoor workouts, and have felt good during all. Even upside down, you won’t be in danger of a wardrobe malfunction! In terms of care, I machine-wash and hang to dry (pretty standard for most activewear). I’ve had/worn the shit out of it for about four months now and nothing close to pilling is even starting to happen, so you can rest easy re: the fabric.

At this price point, I definitely waffled on it for a minute, but it’s become the go-to I reach for first from a fresh load of laundry and I’ve since purchased ANOTHER to replace an old college-era one (black and white were my colors of choice). I love a one-in, one-out policy on replacing things like activewear/old bras that aren’t a huge priority or cheap enough to do all at once.

This is my current favorite find, but if you have another sports bra you love (and I mean LOVE, not just tolerate—the one you do laundry early for/recommend to all your friends), drop a line via DM or reply right here! I’d love to hear your suggestions and will always share. (And I promise my white t-shirt manifesto is still in the works! I will not be hoarding your suggestions on those forever!) 

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