shit i bought and liked no. 55: the best damn sleep set of all time


I am back in your inboxes EARLIER THAN PLANNED because today’s shit is on a FLASH SALE and we can’t let one of those go to waste! This subject line makes a big promise, but I can guarantee that what follows is the best sleep set I have ever come across. Those of you who’ve been around awhile know how I feel when it comes to sleep shorts (I am EXTREMELY picky). You really wouldn’t think it, but they are a surprisingly difficult item of clothing to get right. Around this time last year, one of you changed my life by directing me towards Cuyana’s Pima Sleep Shorts. They are deliciously soft and very reasonably-priced for something that I wear way more often than I’d like to admit, and they cover everything that needs to be covered in case you like to lounge in your pjs outside of the bedroom (especially around roommates, parents, siblings, etc.). 

I was not tempted to venture very far beyond them, but I discovered THIS particular set while shopping in-person and it has officially entered the rotation. (It was also a nice reminder of the fun things you can find when you’re browsing in an actual store instead of online). Gap!!!! Who knew???? Certainly not I circa 11 years ago when I had that good-good employee discount from my (brief) stint at Gap Kids. (For catering primarily to the under 4 set and their parents, the store played a surprising amount of Nicki Minaj—may her cousin’s friend’s balls Rest in Peace.) 

This set is a total Eberjey dupe, which I feel great about because Eberjey PJs are extremely nondescript anyways, so the only real difference between these and those is a lot of dollars I’d rather spend on clothes I actually leave the house in. They are just as soft and luxurious-feeling, drape so well, and for the price of a single Eberjey set you can buy the toppants, AND sleep shorts (and still save yourself $60+ with this sale) for options year-round. My sister and I scooped up matching sets over Labor Day and I’m expecting them to be even better once the weather eventually starts to cool down.

I sized up in the top, which wasn’t entirely necessary (my sister kept her normal size and it looks great), but only because I wanted it to look extra drapey. I took my normal size in the shorts—the waist elastic isn’t tight or restrictive, and the legs have a nice roomy cut. The full-length pants are more of a wide-leg style and are very flattering IMO—they run a little big, but I tried on my normal size and liked the fit. 

Anyways, this is all to say that this is my new favorite PJ set, and I would be remiss not to share the best of the best with all of you—ESP WHEN IT’S 40% OFF, HELLO! I’ve been getting into them early lately to curl up with my Karin Slaughter books, which I have become hopelessly addicted to over the past month (my book recs live right here in case you are in need). The plots require every trigger warning in the book, but they are WIIIIIILLDDD can’t-put-down reads—if you like SVU/Criminal Minds with a dash of unproblematic workplace romance, these are definitely for you.

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