shit i bought and liked no. 56: baby’s first fall

My sweet Shitters,

I’m currently in New York City realizing that this is my first fall in…. four years???!!!! What is this crisp, delicious air!!!! My feet are freezing all the time and all I want are expensive lattes and soup (just made this one and it’s very tasty/easy/reheats well), but even so, this city is on a charm offensive and I might just be FALLING FOR IT. 

In addition to living in my new favorite PJ set, I’m also taking up semi-permanent residence under the softest blanket I can find, which is a real throwback to life in oppressively temperature-controlled offices chilled to the mid to low sixties at all times.

Back in the Crooked 1.0 era, I would wrap myself up daily in a grey blanket scarf that basically became my work uniform. I wouldn’t be surprised if a small portion of the readers here remember me best as hunched over a laptop shrouded in said scarf stress-eating the office snack supply and tweeting things like “I get why Lisa Page was hooking up with Peter Strzok, he’s kinda hot??” If you have no idea who these people are, congratulations on having a life from the years 2018-2020. MUST’VE BEEN NICE.

That scarf ended up shredded in two, the victim of a gruesome death by rolling chair (RIP), but I have since upgraded to wrapping myself in what I believe to be the most luxurious thing of all time—the Barefoot Dreams Blanket.

For a long time I was turned off by the “Whispering Angel” vibe I got from the name, but I’m not afraid to admit that I was wrong (I’m also not afraid to stand in front of the internet and say Whispering Angel is garbage, but that is perhaps a rant for another day). My first introduction to the cult of Barefoot Dreams was a crazy soft cardigan my mom refused to let me steal while I was home for the holidays. (Sidenote: The cardigan would make a much better office look than wrapping yourself in a giant scarf.) They also make socksrobeslounge sets (resisting the temptation as we speak), and the pièce de résistance—their incomparably soft blankets

Back in my old apartment, my roommate and I had plenty of throws and no need to splurge on a new one, but my boyfriend’s recent move provided the perfect opportunity to try one out for myself get him a nice housewarming present!! Thoughtful!!! 

I wish I could tell you to save your money, but these really are worth the hype. They’re deliciously soft and cozy—the perfect blanket to snuggle into while you’re reading a book, or to wrap yourself up in to keep warm on a chilly night. If you’re like me and live on your couch, cost per use (the only math I’ve ever been enthusiastic about) justifies it easily. (Heads up, there’s a cheaper Barefoot Dreams blanket available here, but I haven’t tried this version and it’s apparently thinner/more prone to shedding than the original. I’d stick to the OG, but wanted to make sure you had your options!) 

They work on your couch or in the bed—I like it layered underneath the duvet at night—and they make a very good gift, if I do say so myself! Highly recommend splitting the cost with a group to treat a friend the next time they move (and obviously grabbing one for yourself).

Also doing big work with the cozy vibes these days—my favorite candle from Maison Louis Marie. This one is a rich mix of spices, vanilla, and tobacco flower (promise that smells a lot nicer than you might imagine), and is priced well below its diptyque/Le Labo/Byredo counterparts. It has very cozy, romantic vibes (West Village wine bar in a candle??), and smells amazing even when it’s not lit. Bonus points for the very chic packaging.

If you try any of the above, let me know what you think! And if someone sent you this or you got here via Twitter or IG, sign up to get these recs sent straight to your inbox at! This round was full of solid gift ideas and I promise there is PLENTY more where that came from. 

Stay cozy!


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