shit i bought and liked no. 61: holiday gifting edition

SHITTERS! I have all but abandoned you in your greatest time of need—holiday gifting season. And for that I apologize. But I’m currently writing this from JFK’s Air India Lounge on hour three of delays, so as you may be starting to sense, the straits have been somewhat dire.

Not to worry—there is still SOME gift content coming your way. In lieu of a more traditional gift guide, I am instead going to present you all with a list of things I would accept as gifts—all of which I believe would also make wonderful gifts for other people. I’d say this list ranges from “oh, good idea” to “what the fuck is wrong with this girl.” Do what you will with this information. And if “what you will” is gifting moi, well—tysm in advance. 

Here goes: 

  • The Bearaby Velvet Napper ($289). This weighted velvet blanket is both practical and beautiful, which is the perfect combo as far as gifting is concerned. 
  • I’m in desperate need of a jewelry case and at $69 this one is a perfect price point. And if you want to fill said case with jewelry… even better! Highly suggest tacking on the monogram and using their pics for color inspo.
  • Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks are useful, sustainable, and $25!!!!! Stocking stuffer! Gift for the gals! Something for your sister! A treat for yourself! 
  • I don’t care if all of New York has them, I love Acne Studios Beanies ($165) and will not rest until I have one.
  • Juicers can be wildly expensive but this Breville one is on sale for $120 and is supposedly incredibly easy to use/clean. Perfect for your friendly neighborhood health nut and/or human who spends way too much money on juice.
  • The Bose Soundlink Speaker ($330) is technically Shit My Boyfriend Bought And Liked™ which is sad because it would’ve been a great gift for him. Hint hint, wink wink for the people of the world with partners/dads to gift. 
  • Do not sleep on Godiva Gift Boxes ($13-36). There is not a person alive who would not be happy to receive one of these, from girlfriends to coworkers to bosses to ME. This gift HAS RANGE. 
  • Plane tickets! If you and your partner want to travel somewhere fun in the near-ish future, grab an inexpensive travel guide or one of these Etsy ticket printouts ($5) to gift and then plan/book the flights at a time that works for both of you. 
  • I love a good self-care gift. Think a massage somewhere nice. A facial with an esthetician you know/like. Even a nice mani/pedi! Feels like a great thing to gift someone like a parent or a partner who doesn’t do this type of thing regularly, or someone whose been stressed at work or school and could use some R&R.
  • I don’t have to lust over this Stagg Electric Kettle ($160) because I showed it to my boyfriend who is even more of a sucker for nice things than I am, but it feels like a good pick for a coffee lover/someone who’s hard to shop for.
  • My toes are desperate for these Barefoot Dreams Socks ($15). Grab a bunch and gift them to friends! 
  • I would die for the Celine Triomphe Bag (price upon clicking the link as it hurts me to write it down), she is so beautiful.
  • Harry Styles tickets. I don’t care if his tour left the country. I will leave the country too!!!!!
  • The Westman Atelier Summer Skin Set ($110) is perfect for someone who loves playing with makeup/clean beauty. It’s available in two sets—this one feels like it’s for white people and this one seems to be for anyone who is remotely tan.
  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE INSTADOG I WANT TO CLONE HIM AND LOVE HIM UNTIL THE END OF TIME (I have allergies so this is allowed). He will be on my Christmas list until he is mine!!!!!! 
  • If you’re going down the luxe candle route, the Diptyque Narguilé ($68) is my favorite by the brand and the tobacco/honey combo is very warm and wintery. My forever fave Maison Louis Marie No. 3 ($36) is chic/similarly scented and half the price!
  • Chances are you’ve seen Estelle Colored Glass stemware ($160/set) somewhere over the past year. This black-owned brand’s wine glasses are such a good gift for someone who’s always hosting. West Elm paired the perfect colors.
  • A nice framed photo of you and the person you’re gifting will never not be appreciated unless the person is your boss or something weird like that (scratch that—this is a hilarious idea to gift your boss, I am in full support). This frame is $20 and would look great on a desk or bedside table.
  • Yes $35 is an obscene price to pay for a lip balm (it’s Dior, ok), but if you are like me you will get so much more use out of it than lipSTICKS because it is way easier to apply/touch up. It’s on sale at Sephora as is EVERYTHING, so grab some for friends and one for yourself. 
  • You probably have all of the ingredients for these Salted Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, making them approximately FREE.99, and the best part is that the recipe essentially makes two “logs” of shortbread—one for them, one for you. 

There you have it—a list of my best gift ideas. And don’t forget Shitters, a must for any gift is a thoughtful, sincere, handwritten card.  If you need any help in the gifting department, my DMs are always open! And so are the archives, people—literally 60+ editions of this newsletter are FULLLL of good gift ideas, so go to town. And if you are not subscribed, sign up right here to get this newsletter in your inbox semi-regularly. All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuu(r email address)! 


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