shit i bought and liked no. 63: sweater shaver

Shitters!!! Happy New Year!!! 

It’s January—a time for self-improvement. And in that spirit, I wanted to take some of your feedback about this newsletter and see what we could do. By far the biggest ask that you all had was for more things for guys. Or maybe not SPECIFICALLY for guys, but applicable to more than just women. I hear you! 

I do have access to one specific guy who has great taste and I plan to include more of his picks from time to time, but today’s rec is straight from me. It’s perfect for this time of year, pretty inexpensive ($13), and best of all, helps you make the most of things you already have. Love to start the year with some sustainable shit!!!

Meet the Sweater Shaver™. Ok, that is not it’s actual name, but they should get on that because it’s a pretty good one, right? I’m not sure if I’m new to this discovery or if the rest of you are also learning of this for the first time, but this thing is a must for anyone who owns/wears sweaters and wants to extend their lifetime. 

I live in sweaters and cardigans of various weights and fabrics basically all year round, which means my sweaters get A LOT of wear. That unfortunately means many tend to pill (for the men reading, pilling is when those annoying little balls of fuzz form on clothes after a few wears/washes—who said this newsletter wasn’t guy-friendly!!!!). 

This isn’t exactly a razor—it’s more of a mix between a razor and a vacuum, and if you’re a weirdo like me, you will find it incredibly satisfying to use. You hold it in your hand and run it gently over sections of your sweater/applicable item of clothing it eats the pills so your things look new again! (Important tip, especially if you’re using this on a nicer sweater, test out a small patch first to make sure it works on your fabric.)

If you’re like me, you will shave every sweater in your vicinity (including your brother’s) within a day of this arriving. If you’re not, you can keep it in your closet and run it over your sweaters as you pull them out to wear them. It’s a gem, and managed to revive my beloved Jenni Kayne Cardigan, which was starting to look a little worse for the wear (it is the most expensive sweater I’ve ever owned, but I vouch for it wholeheartedly. If you’re considering, know that it runs 1-2 sizes big).

Speaking of sweaters (and since this is a shopping newsletter), I’ve been eyeing this $$$ beauty from Favorite Daughter for a hot minute. Has anyone out there tried Favorite Daughter yet? Do we trust this to look good on anyone who isn’t JordieFos???!! Am I being bamboozled by the fact that she looks good in everything? I don’t trust myself to stay objective here. Spend long enough on her Instagram and you too will find yourself wanting Aimé Leon Dore New Balance’s!!!! 

Back to the shaver: I will say, depending on the fabric, this won’t make every single sweater look brand spanking new, but it does make a significant difference in the appearance of wear, especially on those little sleeve/collar pills that can send a great piece into a too-early retirement.

You can take my (many) word(s) for it, or you can take the many words of the approximately 60,000 Amazon reviewers who are also fans. I, not unlike many of you, am trying to limit my Amazon intake when possible, but this an exception because 1) it prolongs the life of the sweaters you already own, thus reducing unnecessary consumption of additional replacement sweaters and 2) truly where else do you buy shit like this

Hope this helps you bring some old sweaters/blankets/scarves back into the rotation! As always, if you’ve found this on the internet or someone forwarded it to you, sign up right here to get this newsletter sent straight to your inbox. And let me know how happy your sweaters are after their big shearings!!!! 


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