shit i bought and liked: no. 65: zero zuckerberg vibes

My sweet shitters,

I hope this newsletter finds you well doing better than you were during the fucking shitshow of a month that was January. I’ve been sitting on this draft for a minute dealing with the latest five alarm fire this week (is Mercury actually out of retrograde because it’s NOT REALLY FEELING LIKE IT), but these recs have been getting me through it, so I figured I’d share before the week is officially over. 

After 2 years of COVID, you’ve probably amassed enough loungewear to last a lifetime, but when it comes to comfy cozies, is anyone really tapped out? In the past few months I’ve made not one but TWO standout discoveries in this department that are ‘shout from the rooftops’ level good. So much so that they may inspire you to make some room in your already overflowing closets.

The first is, dare I say, the perfect zip-up sweatshirt. Good crewneck sweatshirts, while versatile and amazing, aren’t particularly hard to find. Not the case with a zip-up. Mark Zuckerberg threw on one in the mid 2000s and boom—they were over. Nary a cool one in sight for the next 15 years. They’re frumpy-looking, cut way too long in the torso, they haven’t received the hoodie/ crewneck treatment with upgrades in luxe fabrics and cool designs. Until recently, the best (and only) zip-up I owned came via Elizabeth Warren for President, and all love to Liz, but that was not exactly a stylish purchase. 

But this, my dear shitters, is where a mild addiction to online shopping comes in handy! While browsing (trolling for sales) over the holidays, I started eyeing Sincerely Jules’ line for Bandier. Normally I’m a bit wary when it comes to blogger/influencer lines. The products look great in photos, but I’ve heard horror stories about fit, quality, and materials—enough to not be very inclined to purchase myself. But against those instincts (and emboldened by Bandier’s very legit return policy), I decided to take a chance on a zip-up with slight Nili Lotan vibes (in case you were wondering if newslettering is lucrative enough to supply a Nili Lotan wardrobe… no, it is not). 

SURPRISE OF THE CENTURY. The Bandier zip-up arrived in all of its soft, chic, light grey glory with the the perfect subtle distressing and an impeccably NOT FRUMPY fit. A gift from the sweatshirt gods!!! A good neutral zip-up is simply a wardrobe essential, and I finally found one that works for everything from errands to travel days to workouts to sleeping in the frigid NY temps. 

They come in an array of wearable neutrals—grey, black, cream, brown, etc.—are cut for women’s torso lengths (zero Zuckerberg vibes), and the distressed details along the zipper and cuffs make it feel like you’ve owned it forever (in a good way). Up until now I didn’t have a go-to sweatshirt or sweater I could throw on top of ANYTHING and didn’t have to be precious about, but still would look put together enough in to be out of the house. Apparently I’m making up for lost time with this one—no one needs to know how many wears it gets before it gets a wash. Full disclosure: I just went back for #2 in black. 

Speaking of repeat buys! I bring you my second discovery—this one is of the sweat-ish pant variety. You all know by now that I’m a Vuori fan, but when debating which style to go with for pair #2, I was tempted to branch out from my original Performance Joggers to their Boyfriend Joggers. They’re full length, a little roomier in the legs—I actually ended up sizing down from my normal size (I *think* the heather grey fabric runs a little large). But all you really need to know is that they are SOOOOO deliciously soft and lightweight. The fabric doesn’t pill, the cut is super flattering. They arrived halfway during my bout with COVID (spoiler alert: I won!), and I proceeded to live in them for the rest of the time. Style-wise, your preference is your preference, but I think these ones are even better than the originals. 

There you have it—two standout comfy cozies. Just thinking about them made my day a little less frustrating (today sadly is a laundry day, so they are not in their usual spots on my body). If you’re reading this via Twitter or Instagram and are into it, you can subscribe to this newsletter so you don’t miss a thing at There are gift guides! Hot tips! Guest shitters! (It’s been a while since we’ve had one though… any guests you want to hear from?!). And as always, if there’s something you’re looking for—the scoop on the Dyson Airwrap, a review of the K18 hair mask, my MANY thoughts on perfumes, the perfect white t-shirt (I SWEAR I AM STILL ON THIS QUEST)—drop a line. I’m just working… working hard so I can please you

Ok I’m done, bye!!!


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