shit i bought and liked no. 70: travel pants

Hi Shitters!

I’m coming to you live today from the basement of my childhood home, where I’m confined because I’ve managed to contract COVID AGAIN. Ugh. This would be more or less annoying but fine, but the timing coincided with a girls trip I was reeeeally looking forward to, and lemme tell you—the basement my mother decided to paint mint green for some reason vs four days in the Napa Valley is simply not a valid comparison. 

Anyways. We are making lemonade over here at Shit I Bought and Liked because that is really the only other option aside from stalking rich people’s weddings via Instagram stories (self-explanatory), hour 85 of television (I finished Anatomy of a Scandal in one afternoon and now want to sell off my entire wardrobe to afford 2-3 pieces of Sienna Miller’s), or reading a book (probably the smartest of all these options, which of course means it won’t happen). Today’s lemonade comes in the form of a travel rec I was looking forward to putting to good use this weekend. 

I spent the month of April doing a lot of traveling between New York, LA, AND Mexico City (I, like everyone else you know, finally made the trip and it is fully worth the hype—saved my favorite spots for anyone going/thinking about it!). One of my biggest MVPs of the trip was a singular pair of pants that is both comfortable enough for a long plane ride, and chic enough for a day of travel activities that may or may not involve photos. 

Now normally I travel in leggings and ~athleisure~ and call it a day, but for this trip I felt compelled to wear a real outfit for two reasons: 1) It was a morning flight and I planned to drop my bags and hit the streets in search of tacos as soon as I landed, and 2) I decided that I would save myself ~$70 and travel light enough for a CARRY-ON, which meant repeatable pieces were necessary. (I should note that this endeavor was made possible entirely by packing cubes, which have revolutionized my packing/travel dressing experience—more on this later.)

Back the pants—this was a tall order, but my go-to Barrel Pants from Everlane came through with the trifecta: Chic, affordable (under $100!), and forgiving enough to still fit comfortably after four days of feasting on all the delicacies CDMX had to offer (a critical component if your travel itineraries are food-centric like mine). I think I’ve mentioned these pants in passing before, but they deserve their own moment in the spotlight. 

Let’s start with the cut. The barrel leg is cool and flattering, and looks great paired with t-shirts/crewneck sweaters and sandals (I also pair them with our go-to black boots during fall/winter). As far as travel outfits go, it’s a very foolproof/easily repeatable formula that lets you get a few different outfits in with the same pair of pants. They’re less stiff than denim, so they’re great for walking or spending a long time seated during travel, and I especially appreciate that they don’t lose their shape after hours of wear. I got them in Bone and get tons of wear out of them regardless of the season (I live for a winter white and these are a great color), but they have lots of others to pick from, and a longer inseam option for our tall friends.

Sizing note: I found these to be roomier than most denim styles I wear. I took the larger of the two sizes I generally run between in denim (and the shorter inseam for my 5’5ish height), so mine are more relaxed/oversized. I definitely could’ve taken the smaller size and still been perfectly comfortable—it really comes down to your fit preference—but IMO when it comes to travel, it’s nice to have a pair or two of pants that are still comfy after a few days of heavier meals. 

Other MVPs from this trip: 1) My very trusty Dagne Dover fanny pack—during the plane ride I kept all my important documents and keys in this so they’d be separate from the rest of the snacks/water/junk in my tote bag. I emptied it once we got to our Airbnb and used it as a day pouch for cash/cards/phone/lip balm, leaving me HANDSFREE for tacos and photos (of tacos).

2) These freaking packing cubes, oh my god. I’ve known about cubes for ages but I FINALLY bit the bullet and bought them for myself ahead of this trip. My god, gamechanger. I fit four days of day/night outfits + all the other shit I travel with into a single carry on, which is a fucking miracle for a chronic overpacker who looooves having options like me. We moved across town on the third day of our trip, and having a cube with my pjs/day four clothes all ready to go made packing/repacking a breeze! I was ready to go before my boyfriend for the first time in our lives and I will never let anyone forget it.

3) These Zara sandals. I feel like I buried the lede here because I am fucking obsessed with these sandals—I’m not lying when I say they may be one of my best purchases of all time. They are WILDLY comfortable, great for walking, look waaaaay more expensive than they are, and get compliments left and right from strangers and friends alike. My friend Cody expressly told me to tell no one they were from Zara, but alas, I will not be ~gatekeeping & girlbossing~ today. This is just how much I love you guys. I honestly might buy a second pair in anticipation of my heartbreak when I eventually wear these ones into the ground this summer.

There you have it! Shitter-approved travel recs. And speaking of Shitter-approved, I’ve been sharing this highly useful hub of resources to take action/support when it comes to fighting to keep our reproductive rights with friends and family and now all of you. Writing this newsletter and sharing these recs let me take a little break from the shittiness permeating the rest of our world, but we really are living through a crisis and it is utterly impossible to ignore. The Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action is tomorrow, May 14th, and if you’re able/healthy, please try to attend a rally in person, even for a just a little bit. They’re happening all over the country, and speaking from my own experience, in times that have felt bleak and hopeless, being a part of protests and showing solidarity by physically showing up has been uplifting and motivating to keep going and not just shut down. If I wasn’t a vector of disease at the moment, I’d be out there with you!

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