shit i bought and liked no. 71: the birthday list


It’s officially June which happens to be the month of my birthday (6/13, same as Mary-Kate and Ashley—a huge win for 6 y/o me). I’m not a crazy bday person (you all know the type), but I definitely enjoy birthdays. Everyone in your life who loves you tells you so. You spend all day getting happy calls and texts. You might get even get a special meal/sweet treat, preferably with one or more of those people who love you and the musical stylings of Rihanna playing in the background. 

Now, like most occasions, the presents are not the point of a birthday celebration. But as someone with quite a few ideas of Shit I Would Like If I Received As A Gift, I figured why not use the occasion to compile my most absurd (and some slightly less absurd) wants and wishes into one (long) list, and of course share it with all of you. It’s called manifesting! And helping you out with your own wishlists! Either way, only good things can come of this.

Here goes: 

  • A small quilted double flap Chanel bag in a very specific shade of green. Lambskin. Silver hardware. This is the most perfect bag in existence and by putting this out into the world I am manifesting it into my life. 
  • A good neck pillow—preferably one that doesn’t look ugly in a normal pillowcase. I am manifesting this for different reasons (a suggestion in this department works too!)
  • Kahlua, Cold Brew, Vodka—the at-home espresso martini basics. 
  • Coupes for said espresso martinis. These ones are nice. 
  • A PUPPY!!!!!!!! The centerpiece of this list for the past 28 years. 
  • Mini NuFace. After months of watching Charlotte Palermino’s videos, I bit the bullet and bought one of these for myself—hate to disappoint anyone who was scheming to give me one—but I am very excited to report back once it arrives!
  • dairy free Carrot Cake. I made this one for my boyfriend last year and could happily eat it forever. 
  • A job for said boyfriend in LA. Anyone have a trading seat to spare? Drop a line! If he takes it, your referral bonus is getting out of giving me bday presents for the rest of our lives! 
  • Taylor Swift tickets. I’m aware Taylor isn’t even touring right now, but I’d just like to rest assured that when the time comes, I will have tickets. 
  • speaker so I can listen to Taylor/everyone else in my kitchen.
  • Baies Baies Baies forever. Basic? Sure. But it’s the only thing I want to burn all spring/summer. Extra points if it’s the big guy!
  • A decaf vanilla latte from Lamill (hot!) or a beauty latte from Cha Cha Matcha (iced!). It’s delicious, I promise.
  • An obscene bouquet from the Petal Workshop or Venus Et Fleur.
  • A less obscene bouquet from Florabrook (note for everyone living through engagement season, these make a very chic gift).
  • This Loewe basket bag.
  • A lifetime supply of the Yapa Milk Punch at Llama San or the Rhys at Bavel—two discontinued cocktails that will live on forever in my heart.  
  • Misi’s Brown Butter Tortelli. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  • Dr Woo connect. No one can tell me the Hailey Bieber hand tattoos are a terrible idea, I simply will not hear it. 
  • A massage. The only thing more blissful than a good one is a good one you didn’t pay for. 
  • A framed photo of us doing something fun.
  • An invite to Forma Pilates. If you have a contact, I am desperate!!! 
  • A cabin at Post Ranch Inn for a weekend.
  • The best thriller you read recently.
  • The best thriller you’ve read ever. 
  • A handmade card.

I could probably come up with more, but this feels like a good mix of attainable and insane (at least for now). As always, subscribe at—summer attire (and the best swimsuit I’ve ever bought) coming real soon. Happy Gemini season! 


It’s my birthday, I’ll cry use affiliate links if I want to!!!!

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