shit i bought and liked no. 72: shorts!


I hope you read today’s subject line to the tune of this unhinged Old Navy commercial from 2005, but in case you have a normal functioning brain that read the word “shorts” and just thought you might be getting some recommendations sans song and dance routine, I suppose I can provide. 

I love shopping, I love clothes, but I gotta be honest with you—when it comes to summer dressing, I’m a bit out of my element. Give me all the jeans, all the sweaters, allllllll the boots. But shorts and breezy tops and dresses? Definitely not so much. We all have shopping vices and mine just happen to work better in crisper temps. But that doesn’t really get you anywhere when you’re forced to contend with hot weather and even worse humidity. 

After a few years of mostly sticking to athleisure to mask summer sweat, I decided to up my game a little bit with some *gasp* real clothes!!! I have a decent rotation of t-shirts and tanks going—more on that to come—but for now, know that this is hands down my favorite black tee to wear with everything. I always trust denim brands to make a good classic t-shirt, and this is the best I’ve ever found. The washed black is so chic and can be dressed up or down, the cut is the sweet spot between long and short so you don’t have to worry about tucking in or riding up, and the fit is just effortlessly perfect. I get compliments from everyone, even my mom, who would murder me if she knew I spent this much on a t-shirt. It’s an investment, I know, but this isn’t a white shirt that will be destroyed with sweat stains in two months—you only need one. I would definitely size up (and skip the white version unless you prefer a yellow/creamy white).

The trickier part of the summer wardrobe to get right IMO are the aforementioned shorts. A good pair of shorts can be hard to find and harder to wear. They have to fit your waist, be comfortable around the thighs, have a length that feels substantial enough to feel covered, but not veering into bermuda shorts territory (why did we ever do this?), and I prefer that they aren’t tight because nothing is less comfortable on a hot day than feeling stuffed into denim. Summer dressing starts early in LA, so I’ve been working on this for a few months now, and I feel like I’ve found three very good, very different options for anyone who’s also in desperate need of something comfortable to wear in this heat. 

Lets start with my most-worn of the bunch—these gauzy shorts, a top notch Gap find courtesy of Mally Goldman. These are so comfy and easy to wear, super affordable, and 1000% my favorite shorts of the summer. I grabbed a pair in white (and this big shirt to pair it with—fully bought into coastal grandma chic over here), but I regret not grabbing black too. They’re the kind of shorts you can wear out and look cute, or lounge on your couch in and still feel comfortable—a combo that is EXCEEDINGLY hard to nail. Plus they’re super light, so great to pair with a big linen shirt on a hot day.  I sized down because I preferred a slightly shorter length, but I could’ve been fine with my usual too. 

When it comes to denim shorts, these AGOLDE’s are the only pair I’ve been reaching for this year. I’ve had the shorter/lighter wash version for the past few years (classic light wash cutoffs are a summer staple in my book), but lately for errands and out and about I’ve preferred having the extra length of this new pair. They work with t-shirts and blouses, come in so many different washes (I’m on a spending embargo until I leave for Italy next month, or else the dark version would be mine too), but as far as tried-and-true, goes with everything, bang for your buck, this pair is my go-to. I usually take the smaller of my two sizes in AGOLDE denim and did the same here. For a slightly more affordable option, I’ve heard great things about the fit on these very similar ones from Madewell. 

And last but not least, white denim—the toughest of all the varieties IMO. I did a TON of trying on in this department, so know that this find is backed by research! These AMO beauties are sold out on several sites and terribly expensive (be warned, my budgeters!!), but they’re soft to the touch, perfectly relaxed, and the best shade of bright summer white. I find most white denim to be rigid and uncomfortable, so the ultra-soft texture on these is a huge win. I did a whole day of sitting and working in these yesterday—they are truly that comfortable. And they’re the first thing I pull out for a casual dinner or drink outside these days. I scored a pair during the Shopbop sale and know I’ll be wearing them for years to come. Size-wise, I took the same size as I do in AGOLDE. 

THERE YOU HAVE IT! All my best summer shorts picks. Hopefully this finds you all before you’ve fully melted or your brain has been taken over by the bermuda shorts commercial. As always, subscribe to this newsletter at to keep up with all our fun finds. Some past summer finds that may also serve you well include my go-to beach sandalsthe best sports bra I have ever owned, and of course an alternative to tampons, which are now apparently in short supply! Love that for us!!!! 

Stay cool and dry and safe and hydrated and SPFed pls & thx!!! 


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